Athletic & Workout Shoes – What You Need to Know

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Exercising In The Park

The title actually just doesn’t limit to athletes. It practically includes anyone and everyone who has an active lifestyle and loves working out in the gym or at home.

Let’s face it; you can go intense while working out if you’re not wearing your favorite pair of sports shoes. Whether you’re in the gym, concentrating on getting your upper or lower body bulky or you just want to lose a few pounds because you look really big already in the mirror, the proper dress code for exercising will never be complete without a good pair of shoes.

Different workouts need different kinds of shoes. There are shoes perfect for marathon runners and joggers while those who are into weights also use a different type of training shoes. If there’s two popular workout techniques present nowadays, it would have to be Zumba and CrossFit Training. Since they’re both popular, a lot of people are probably asking for the type of shoes that might go well with either Zumba or Crossfit.


If there’s one particular exercise craze that’s sweeping the entire world right now, it has to be Zumba. A lot of people know what it is about, but only a few knew of its humble beginnings.

Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Cruz forgot his tape of aerobics music for his aerobics class one fateful day in 1990. Instead of going back home, he went back to his car, turned on the radio and began listening to music that combined traditional salsa and merengue music. Beto Cruz improvised the music and used it for his aerobics class. This was how Zumba came to be.

All over the country, you’d see a lot of people exercising with Zumba. A lot of people can actually attest to its health benefits. If you’re planning on losing weight with Zumba, then you’ll need a good pair of shoes for the whole dance fitness routine. I, for one, have decided to start with Zumba as a means of shaping my body the way I want it to be. And the very first step that I did was to find myself a really good pair of Zumba shoes. While you may think that it looks just like regular dancing, Zumba makes you sweat it out while doing some rigorous dance moves and steps. Therefore, your regular rubber shoes will wear down quickly due to wear and tear.

The Qualities to Check – Zumba Shoes


The ideal Zumba shoes should have the following qualities:

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Woman In Sportswear Jumping With Joy

Flexibility – Flexibility can mean a couple of things for a pair of good Zumba shoes. They must be both breathable, light, and should have ample cushioning for proper shock absorption. Any type of shoe will be flexible and light enough when you touch them,, but when it comes to Zumba shoes, the shoes must have these qualities to become flexible enough. Air must be allowed to circulate inside the shoe while you are working out to avoid your feet getting all sweaty.

Size – Remember that different people have different feet size and feet type. Some are flat-footed while others have arched feet. Some people may have bunions too. Therefore, when you’re in the process of looking for the right pair of Zumba shoes, get to know your feet first, then you can start checking for the right size!

Multi-directional Support – The shoes should support you whenever you make quick and sudden turns while dancing Zumba. Since the music is a combination of traditional salsa and merengue, you can expect sudden stops, turns and moves during the workout. A good pair of Zumba shoes should have good multidirectional support for the duration of the workout.

Keeping your Feet Sweat-Free – Can you imagine taking off your shoes after a rigorous Zumba workout, only to put the shoes back on when you smell the unpleasant scent that is coming from your feet? That is another requirement that I feel is very important for all Zumba enthusiasts; your Zumba shoes must have the ability to keep your feet sweat and odour-free after the whole workout. The social stigma of having stinky feet in a public place is not a joke. This is something to really, really consider if you’re working out inside a gym.

Crossfit and Cross Training

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program founded by the company of the same name back in 2000. The program’s aim is to improve one’s muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, and body flexibility. The whole workout usually consists of aerobic exercise, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics. The point here is to keep your body under a regimen of intense workout for a week or two. The result is that your body will keep on burning your extra calories at a rapid pace due to the intensity of your workout.

As such, it is important for you to get a good pair of crossfit training shoes. Keep in mind that during crossfit and cross training, you don’t exercise with one particular set or type of exercise. You are supposed to jump from one exercise regimen to the next; thus, your body is always on the go while burning all those extra calories and fat inside your body. This is the reason why it is very important to grab a pair of really good crossfit shoes to help you survive this intense workout.

Your Crossfit trainer will be the one to check and change your Crossfit regimen weekly. He or she will also vary the intensity needed for each workout under your regimen. Be prepared to have a good pair of Crossfit shoes, because you’ll never which workout your trainer will make you work out the most!



The Qualities to Check – Crossfit Training Shoes

Crossfit Rope Climb Exercise. Focus In The Body

Crossfit Rope Climb Exercise

Just like with any sports equipment, you’ll need a list of qualities that you’ll need to check for your crossfit training shoes. Like I’ve said so many times now, you can’t just get any pair of rubber shoes in the mall or sports. Therefore, your shoes should have the following qualities:

Flat Soled Shoes are Awesome – For crossfit training, flat soled shoes are actually better. This is because the flat soles gives you good balance and helps you avoid accidental sprains whenever your regimen requires you to do a lot of spinning, jumping, and twisting.

Padding is Important – Make sure that your shoes have ample padding. Crossfit shoes with good padding helps a lot when it comes to absorbing shock, as well as giving your feet the comfort it needs during the rigorous workout.

Hill to Drop – To those who are not familiar with this term, hill to drop means that the less the drop, then the lesser the pain your foot will feel. This is an important term when running or jogging. Seeing that crossfit training usually includes running as a part of its regimen, you might want to get a good pair of shoes that has the hill to drop quality.

Feet must be Sweat-Free – Lastly, choose a good pair of Crossfit shoes that helps prevent your feet from getting all sweaty while working out. Remember, having sweaty feet usually results with having stinky feet!


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