Best Crossfit Shoes for Women and Men

I got introduced to CrossFit through my best friend, who was into the workout for quite a few months. Initially, I tried to stay away from it; however, she would nag at me continuously so I ended up joining her. Unfortunately, It was extremely difficult at first. One day, I was literally dragged by my friend to the gym and got introduced to her CrossFit trainer. The CrossFitter explained to me, in a concise manner, all the small and big details of the workout so I thought of giving it a try. CrossFit and cross training workouts are more or less the same with a few differences.

Crossfit Rope Climb Exercise. Focus In The Body

Crossfit Rope Climb Exercise.

Intro to Crossfit & Cross Training

Once you start the training regimen, your CrossFit trainer will vary the intensity of your workout according to the time you need to customize yourself with those kinds of exercises. A good CrossFit trainer is necessary to see that you are doing the exercises correctly. Don’t worry; even if you have no prior experience of such exercises, just go with the flow. And if you have some experience then it’s the best thing to take up. It’s a good way to clear all the clutter from the mind that is gathered due to daily stress. I found it takes care of developing every area like stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. You may find the training too expensive, but trust me you will never get disappointed with the whole workout. You can always have places where they provide free training initially to let you get the feel of it. You will feel yourself motivated and more de-stressed than ever with a clear mindset. You need to keep in mind a few things like being regular in whatever you do, keep clear and not unrealistic goals, choose the intensity you want to start and continue with. You need to take care of injuries you may suffer through the workout so it’s better to consult a doctor before you set out for CrossFit training. I never felt uncomfortable as a beginner as I was taken through every small and big details of the training with immense help coming my way through my trainer and also fellow friends who were working out with me.

Crossfit Shoes Essentials

The first thing I did before I set out for the training is shop for the all the necessary accessories for the workout. And shoes topped my shopping list as my legs always faced problem whenever I exercised. As I went for shopping I was confused with all the different kinds of brands offering shoes with different features that were fit for CrossFit training. As I was a beginner for this workout choosing a good pair of exercise shoes was more challenging as I didn’t want to end up with injured legs, ankles, sole or knees. After consulting with the trainer and with the people who were my friends at the gym I joined I got to know the essentials of the shoes that should be present when you are setting out to begin the CrossFit training. Based on all the information I gathered I suggest you look out for the following features in the shoes you are going to buy for your training and remember simple running zumba dancing shoes will be a recipe for disaster when it come to these kind of training.

  • If you are confused about what kind of sole your shoes should have then let me tell you that flat-soled shoes are the best bet for this kind of training as they give you the right balance and saves you from twisting and spraining of ankles while working out.
  • Shoes with wider sole surface see that your stability is maintained all the time no matter what you are doing whether it is lifting, running or jumping.
  • See that they have the right amount of padding which provide the right amount of cushioning and comfort and at the same time a good ground contact.
  • They should be light enough to provide you the freedom of trying out different kinds of exercises with ease and not bog you down with their weight itself.
  • Heel to drop is another thing you need to see to choose the shoes especially when it comes to running .The less the drop, the more vibration or feeling your feet will get while running. But see that you don’t end up buying shoes with hill to drop measure too low otherwise you will end up injuring you feet.
Heel Drop Shoes Measurement

Heel Drop Shoes Measurement

  • If you choose workouts which have a lot activities including weight lifting then opt for shoes that give more stability during all those lifting sessions then look out for shoes that are specially designed for lifting routines. Those kinds of shoes don’t have zero drops in them to give you more stability while you are lifting and also good transfer power from the lifter to the floor.
  • Choose the shoes which have the right breath-ability feature in it. This will ensure that your shoes don’t leave you with rashes and infections due to constantly covered feet during the workouts.
  • Choosing the right size is very important as this will ensure that you don’t end up with blisters if they are too tight and also that your shoes don’t slip in and out if they are too loose (they have a glove like feel when you wear them).
  • Shoes with traction control are always a good bet for these workouts. If you have wide feet, then make sure the shoes you are buying have ample space for your toes to stretch out inside the shoes and you don’t end up with injured toes or blisters after the workout.
  • See if they are durable enough to be able to go through with anything and everything. As they will be used for a long time with various kinds of exercises included in the workout and most of the time you will be on the feet so you should not feel the need to buy new pair of shoes every now and then.
  • See that there is multidirectional support in the shoes you buy.
Multidirectional Training Shoes

Multidirectional Training Shoes

  • Stiff soles are not fit for running so don’t go for them if you are including a lot of running in your workout.
  • Shoes with mesh and tougher reinforcing material they protect your feet while rope climbing.
  • See that the shoes you buy have a good arch support to protect your ankles and soles.
  • Flexibility is one thing you should keep in mind as you have different kinds of exercises included in these workouts so make sure that the shoes are flexible enough to withstand all those exercises. If you are looking for ankle flexibility and overall flexibility then you should definitely opt for elevated heels.
  • Different exercises need shoes with different features so you can’t opt only one shoe for all the purposes.

So keep in mind all the above suggestions and go on with the new experience which will open a new world of fitness and stress busting activities for you. And not to forget the socializing factor you earn while you join these workout communities. So put on your shoes and get ready for the whole new experience which leaves you fitter than ever!!!

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Crossfit Shoes for Men


Inov-8 Bare-XF™ 210 Cross-Training Shoe

The Inov-9 Bare-XF 210 Cross-Training Shoe was one of my trainer’s recommended shoes. This trainer of mine put me into rope jumping and burpees in my workout plan, so he felt the need for me to get these shoes. According to him, these shoes I felt so light that I almost forgot that I was wearing shoes and got a barefoot feeling. He also told me that before he became a trainer, he had shoes with thicker sole and that made my burpees extremely tiring for me but the barefoot feeling that these shoes gave to me was awesome. This made his task easier as he did not have to jump higher for clearing the jump rope and it helped him do it faster and at a lower height. I guess my trainer does make a point. Most people feel that rope climbing was always a daunting task because most shoes had a slippery surface which made the grip very poor when you’re trying to climb with the use of a rope. With these shoes, it looks like you can hold unto the rope between the sole of one shoe and the top of other very easily. Dont go by its look as it may look thin and weak but in reality its very strong and thick. The sole is very flexible and wide,best for people like me who have wider feet. Its zero drop was the best I ever found in any shoes I tried till date.I always preferred shoes with vibram but these changed my perspective and I pair them with socks and still experience that barefoot feeling. They have a wide toe box which is saving me from toe bumping due to some rubber they gave and problems during heavy weight lifting are nil. I found them extremely breathable and comfortable inside inspite of being of synthetic material. The traction control and arch support was better than I thought. The sticky sole make my burpees a fun task rather than a taxing one. And size is never a problem as its available is almost all the sizes so you can choose one that fits you. It also has a lacing system which I always prefer so that I can adjust my shoes according to my whims and fancies. Its neon colours were the best,available in blue-green and black-red and its look is to die for.People who are beginners will never be disappointed with these shoes. So try them out and experience its awesome features.

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New Balance Men’s MX1012 Cross-Training Shoe

If you need a shoe that can give you maximum comfort while crossfit training, then this is it. Dont go for its hefty look as they turned out to be as light as a feather after I wore them.It has 10 mm drop which makes it perfect for people who are beginners and don’t have an experience of training. Barefoot or minimalist shoes are very tough to handle for people who have just begun with their training as they need time to get used to it and it gets very painful if you directly switch over to minimalist shoes in the very beginning of the training and end up hurting yourself. These shoes gave me the perfect cushioning and comfort after a bought them as I found the first few days of the training tough on my feet. The mesh material that its made of is extremely helpful for people who have sweaty or smelly feet. The New Balance Men’s MX1012 Cross-Training shoe is also a certified diabetic shoe. This means that it’s the best pair of shoes for people who are diabetic. The shoe’s external heel counter helps your soles comfortable while you’re working out intensely. It doesn’t matter what you are doing whether its running, jumping, weight lifting, cardio workout or studio classes; it fits the bill for all the various exercise you may want to include in your workout without being worried about changing your shoes every time you switch to different exercise all through your workout sessions. This gives you the best versatility. Again the lacing system here is best for people who have problems with velcro straps which wear out with time.The arch support is perfect for for my flat feet.It has got plenty of room for my wide feet and toes and it helps me stretch out the toes as I wish specially during those heavy weight lifting where the entire pressure is on the feet.It has got a very stylish look and so you don’t even have to settle down for only its technical feature and its available in two very decent colours i.e; Black and white.They are extremely durable for a long time and also easy to wash as many times as you want.

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PUMA Men’s Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe

I’ve always loved PUMA. For years, I’ve been using PUMA shoes for almost all my workouts, but the Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe is, supposedly, the best for crossfit training. The shoes fit your feet like a glove and you can feel a snug which is so comfortable that you actually forget that you are wearing shoes.Its rubber sole gave me much needed relief from the sore heel problem that I always experienced. Its synthetic upper provided with the mesh inserts make them so breathable that not even once did I feel the need to take off my shoes due to discomfort. A lot of people who used the shoes guarantee that their feet stays fresh for around 2-3 hours at a stretch, thanks to the Thermoplastic polyurethane shank it has. It has a very nice heel cushioning unit which gives me additional comfort which is much needed and welcomed for such long period workouts. It has one of the best grip that I ever found in any other shoes I tried due to the rubber sole it has got at the bottom. At a glance, I’d say that these shoes were made for running athletes, since they’re enviably stable and supportive. Weightlifting was recently included in my workout plan and these shoes came as a boon for me as there it plenty of room inside them for my toes and feet to stretch out and it helps save my feet from getting blisters. The lacing system is just perfect giving you the choice of tightening them the way you want. The best part is they are so stylish that you can also pair them up with your casual wear and see compliments coming your way as it also happens with me everytime I take out these shoes. It even has a wide range of colours to choose from.

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Inov-8 F-Lite™ 240 Cross-Training Shoe

This is one of the best pair of shoes available in the market from the INOV-8 series.This is the first minimalist shoes I tried after starting the crossfit training. I have a lot of exercises included in my workout ranging from burpees to double-unders olympic fits to rope climbing and running. It has a 6mm heel-to-toe differential which is perfect for the exercise that I mentioned above.Its a beauty when it comes to rope climbing as the grip it provides it just unbelievable. Running has become a piece of cake after I bought these. I was a little skeptical because I buy shoes with little more wedge for running but I was least disappointed with these shoes. They are more versatile than you can ever think . Its found them to be ultra light as got a feather like feel after wearing them and my feet remained cool all through the workout. These shoes are very breathable thanks to the mesh it has got. They have a perfect glove like feel to them. The sole holds up very well even after I wore them for several WODs which also include rope climbing. It has reinforced toe fabric perfect for wall walks. These pair of shoes have very good reinforced medial and lateral sections which make the workouts very comfortable. I was the happiest when I replaced my running shoes with these as these shoes provided me with unbelievable stability and support. From cardio to rope climbing to running these shoes disappoint you nowhere as its lateral stability is fantastic. I have no arch in my feet and these serves my purpose very nicely as shoes with even little arch proved painful for my feet. Though there is lot of room for my toes to move or wiggle inside I never felt them to be loose or giving me less support. Wear them for sprints and you will be more than happy.My leg pain is a long lost memory after I bought these fantastic pair of shoes. I don’t feel like taking them out even after I get back home from the gym. Box jumps,squats, and free weights are a piece of cake for me now. Available in three colours, these shoes are a thing of beauty if you are seriously into crossfit training.

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ASICS Men’s Lift Trainer Cross-Trainer

This is the best pair of shoes from ASICS that I have ever tried. Im so proud to own this pair of shoes! Regular shoes are a big NO when it comes to cross training as they are not built to handle the pressure of the intensity which exists in cross training. I can easily say that it must be one of the best shoes in the market manufactured for the cross training purpose. ASICS jumped in the bandwagon of cross training shoes and this product of ASICS is successful to the hilt. Flexibility during the workout is taken care by the raised heel it has got which helps dorsiflexion and overhead squats have become easy for me without losing my balance. It has got a perfect balance of mesh,leather, synthetic material which not only makes the shoes comfortable but breathable to which is necessary because no one wants to end up with injured or sweaty feet. Its leather makes it stylish at the same. My feet are so cool and dry that I cant believe them to be that way after toiling hard in the gym for such long hours.Its removable sole has given me the freedom to use it as per my requirement and change of exercise. I just love its mid-foot strap which gives me the right grip inside the shoes when I’m lifting heavy weights. Actually my trainer suggested me these shoes specially for weight lifting activities like bench press, overhead press, squat, deadlift and cleans. Its outsole is made out of rubber which provides me the solution of sore heels after the workouts. Its comfy feel inside,with the perfect cushioning, gives me the much needed comfort for my flat soles and it has a snug like feel for my wide feet. They are very perfect if you have Olympic lifting and Crossfit WODs in your workout regime. It has given me the advantage of easy transition from Oly-lifts which include overhead squats,power cleans etc to jumping activities like burpees,double-unders etc because of its forefoot flexibility. I don’t think other shoes can beat this pair of shoes from ASICS when its come to its qualities and durability. Calf raises with this shoe has become very comfortable as the forefront is very flexible but the heel is solid so I am not limited to only squats and can carry on with my workout with the same shoes put on. Don’t be disappointed by the restricted range of colours as the design of the shoes are awesome and I have heard some very flattering compliments coming my way after I wore these shoes.

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Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 335 Cross-Training Shoe

This is another fantastic pair of shoes from the INOV-8 series that were carefully manufactured for crossfit training and cross training. If I have to rate this product, then I will give it 5 stars for maintaining the right balance of fantastic feature and stylish look. To be honest I was very naïve in the knowledge of shoes that should be bought that will be perfect for cross training. I ordered this online just by seeing its reviews but was not sure about them as not all that we see is true but I admit that I fell for its look and brought the shoes on its face value. But trust me I was not more happier than this ever in my life when it comes to cross training shoes.I regularly do Olympic lifts as a part of my workout regime and this pair of shoes give me the perfect stability I have ever found in other shoes that I have tried till date. The shoes were a perfect fit and it drives all the way through the bottom. These shoes were definitely built for those who are into heavy lifting. There is so much room for my toes and I just love the lockdown strap design it has got on top.I feel them as light as a feather whenever I wear them .It has got a perfect 16.5 mm heel-to-toe drop which helps it to be worn during various activities. The flexible forefoot is so flexible that double-unders and box jumps from which I used to shy away have become activities I look forward to now. As I am talking only abou lifting here don’t mistake it to be shoes made only for it but running is also a task I do wearing these shoes and trust me I never was disappointed or had injuries anywhere in my legs. I recommend you to buy ½ a size bigger than yours to see that they fit you perfectly. I, without fail, use them specially when I am doing squats,press and thrusters as they give me awesome stability.Its rubber sole is perfect for my sore heel problem. Though it’s a little expensive and available in only one colour, don’t ignore it as you will be happiest once you try this pair of shoes. Try them on and have a great time in the gym!

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Crossfit Shoes for Women


RYKA Women’s Fit Pro Cross-Training Shoe

I just love this shoes for everything it has to provide when im into cross training. It also used for various dance forms like aerobics and zumba but the main target is the crowd which is into crossfit training. It provides me such easy transition from one exercise to another that I just cant believe. It has got fabulous support and flexibility when it come to weightlifting and squats. I have been into intense weight lifting activities from the past one month and these shoes are my best friend as they handle all the pressure that is felt on the legs while lifting heavy weights and save me unnecessary injuries in the knee or ankle area. It has a great cushioning effect inside giving me a comfy and glove like fit all the time I am wearing them on. It has got N-Gage high rebound foam at heel which is a boon for people like me who have a problem of experiencing sore heel after every workout. There is no break in needed when I am wearing these shoes. It has plenty of room for putting my orthotics.It has a soft,smooth and man-made sole which is well cushioned and it makes them perfect for even running and squatting. I have a high arch and this shoes is the best for giving me support and avoiding any injuries.Its completely breathable materials keep my feet cool and dry all the time. Its fabulous shock absorption is a boon when it comes to sudden transition from one exercise to another.Its antimicrobial footbed is the best bet for people who have dermatological problem due to prolonged hours of sweaty feet. Its padded tongue and collar make them stand out all the time. It has a fabulous direct-fuse brace adds support which I never found in any other shoes that I have tried on till date.Its lacing system on top with stylish colours saves me from the trouble of the Velcro straps getting worn out with time. It also has text lining, compressed midsole and cushioned insole making them perfect for my flat feet. These shoes have fabulous traction control, thanks to the rubber outsole. Finally, don’t to forget for its diva look and three exciting colours which make me stand out at the gym and make people compliment me for this lovely pair everytime I put them on.

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Inov-8 F-lite 195 Shoe

This is the new minimalist shoes that I have tried on in recent times and I must say that its not only giving me a barefooted experience with the shoes still put on but also I found the shoes are strengthening me inside to take up the pressure as it comes and not hurry up. I heard that minimalist shoes are built to avoid injuries but after wearing them I actually believe this as I run miles together with the same intensity and comfort like I do while walking. I have flat feet and they always posed a problem for me whenever I used to run but not now,pain in legs is a long forgotten memory for me.Its perfect arch system gives me the perfect support for my flat and wide feet. My toes no more get crushed during those heavy lifting activities. My knee pain and back pain are also tremendously reduced after I wore these shoes as they are providing me the perfect support for my legs and in turn keeping my whole body in correct posture. I use them when I go running on rugged terrains and tougher trails too with ease. The material used for the shoe is stretchy enough to give me space to spread out my feet and toes as I like. My sore heels problem is long gone after I started wearing them. It has a fabulous toe bumper in front which saves me from constant bumping of the front portion while I am running and my toes are saved from getting bruised every now and then. No other shoes gave me the same cushioning that I got after I wore these shoes.The perfect 3mm drop makes it feasible to be used while im running on a trail or a treadmill. Involiving in lifting free weight have become so easy with the fantastic stability it gave me during workouts.It has its cushioning system in place to make you feel comfy while you are still wearing them on. I actually find it surprising to have found out a pair of shoes that’s so fantastic at such a price.It has got a sticky rubber sole fit for doing jumps.The mesh and synthetic combination make them breathable and durable at the same time and keeps my feet dry and cool even during workouts of high intensity. They are as light as a feather as I hardly feel that I have put them on. The beauty about these lovely pair of shoes is that you have 5 colours to choose from and turn into a diva while you are on your workout regime. You can also pair them up with your casual wear and no one can suspect that they are workout shoes,that the beauty of the design they have.

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ASICS Women’s Gel-Frequency 2 Walking Shoe

Now I must say that these are one of the best shoes available in the market specially when it comes to walking and running. Its unique GEL cushioning system is just fabulous and I have no words to describe the comfort my feet got after I wore these shoes. My feet were never this happy,im sure.I took up crossfit training in the summer season and soon included in it running and also started walking miles together, but not one day did I find the humid weather making my feet sweaty,sloppy or smelly.It has a enviable breathable mesh material of which it is made of. If you are looking for a lightweight shoes then I suggest you to go for this pair of beauty. The shoes that I am currently wearing is the second pair of this same shoes,the first one I bought was almost a year back,so you can understand that they are quite durable. The lacing system is in place and it gives me freedom to wear thin socks as I hate wearing thick socks as they make my feet heat up a lot.It has got synthetic sole which gives the perfect support for running and walking as you are on your feet for long hours. They have a very good support and the traction control which is just perfect.It has got ample space for my wide feet and toes to stretch out as they like. It has removable foam inside providing you with a choice of keeping or removing it as you like. It has two exciting colours which have a hint of neon colours i.e; Black and emerald. I have got many compliments coming my way for this lovely beauty and I sometimes even pair them with my casuals and get away with the most flattering compliments and no one even gets to know that they are actually shoes built for cross training as such.

New Balance Women’s WX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe

This sneaker was a gift from my mother on Christmas as I recently joined the cross training program and it was the best gift I have ever got. My persisting problem was it was always an uphill task for me to find myself a shoe that would fit my flat and wide feet. I always settled for shoes that really did not fit my feet correctly but then I had no choice.I used to take a size bigger than my usual size to fit in properly, but then it used to become loose at sides of my feet and it used to irritate me to the hilt. The first thing I loved about the shoe was its colour and, to my surprise, it also solved my everlasting problem of bad fitting. The portion for the toes is wide enough to fit in comfortably. They have a cool glove like fitting and it gave me ample space and breathing space for my toes to wiggle inside. They have a fabulous support and balance system and they are so light that its unbelievable; you can hardly feel that you have your shoes put on. I’ve always hated to buy inserts which made me feet crush inside and they used to wear out frequently, but there is no need of it. This is one of the best minimus shoes that I have tried in recent times. I use them for my running sessions too and trust me, they have such nice flexibility and stability that I hardly feel pain in ankles,heels or knees as they keep my posture in perfect condition. I don’t even need to wear socks with it and still it fits me perfectly and if you want you can do away even with the thinnest of the stocks you find. Squats have become very easy and comfortable with these shoes as they give me fantastic ability and the wide sole gives me stability even during heavy weight lifting. I found that it has very good arch support which I found a little missing in the other minimalist shoes I bought earlier. It saves me from my bunions problem which I got worse after wearing other shoes. I feel that its 4mm help drop is giving me relief from the calf tenderness I used to experience after running and they help in the transitions.I am wearing these for quite a long time and for long hours and I can assure you its durability. Another great thing about these shoes is that the vibram soles are still good till now. I have yet to chang them after I tried them on. The synthetic and mesh combination give me feet the chance to breath in and I seldom feel that my feet are wet or hot. Its antimicrobial treatment also ensure that you turn out having smelly feet after every workout session. And its colours are to die for.My favorite is hot pink!

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Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe

This is one more beauty from the house of Saucony. It has been a month that I have been tying these shoes.I am regularly into cross training and it was taking toll on my legs and this pair of shoes has come as a savior for me. I am doing almost everything in this fabulous pair of sneakers from jumping to running to weight lifting to push ups. I am avert to the idea of using inserts in my shoes as they make my feet slippery and this pair fulfilled that wish of mine. These shoes have great arch support which are just right for my flat feet. They support the ankle so well that not once did I end up with a painfully twisted ankle.They have all the room in the world for my toes and solve my sore bunions problem very well. I prefer my workouts on the concrete floor and its gives me a fabulous kind of shock absorbtion.My knees couldn’t be more happy than this. They have a perfect combination of synthetic and nylon material which is unbelievably breathable.They are definitely one of the most light shoes that I have ever tried on after I joined cross training. The lacing system gives me a lot of freedom to tighten them up according to my wish and I prefer it more than the strapping system. A platform measurement of 0 inches is helping my sore heels problem to a great extent.Rubber soles give me much needed comfort for my ankles and knee problem.My rearfoot is perfectly taken care of with the grid cushioning system. It has the most fabulous cushioning system I have ever thought of.I found them to be greatly flexible as I tried out various exercises in the same pair of sneakers. It has the unique kind of outsole I have ever seen. The lateral support is one thing I should tell you of,its just great.Its maximum deflection on impact has helped me recover from the foot injuries I had previously after I started the crossfit training. They have been great for all kinds of workout walking, jumping, running, lifting, boxing. They also become my best friend when I do plyo and side to side movements. They are available in two colours and the design garners compliments all the time.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Harmony Cross-Training Shoe

ASICS has another great pair of shoes for people who are into cross training! They are so elegant that its just impossible to ignore them. I guess some people have their own choices. The shoes fit perfectly like a glove and are comfortable that I have no words to express. I don’t don’t bogged down by their weight like I do with the other shoes in the market, I literally feel that I am walking on air. I have been running on the treadmill and on trails and these shoes are just great though I wore them for longest hours. Rubber soles have solved my sore heels problem to a great extent. I just got addicted to them that I don’t feel like getting them off even after the classes. Its having the perfect cushioning system in place with the unique GEL cushioning system. It has really spared me from all that I had to go through when I first started training with the regular shoes.Impact control is just perfect thanks to these sneakers. The flexibility and stability is to die for as I am doing all sorts of exercises in the same sneakers and that saves me from carrying different shoes for every other exercise that I try out in gym. One is enough!!The laces are just perfectly secure and funky. These are just fine for high intensity workouts including jumping and boxing. My feet feel less irritated even after being covered up for long hours.They have just the right traction control in place. They are just the perfect pair of sneakers that I have tried on since I got involved in high intensity training like cross training. I did away with my socks and this helped my feet remain cool all the time and they don’t turn sloppy. If you want to wear socks then even the thinnest of them will serve your purpose as the grip is just great. It has got two colours to offer and I just love the blue one! This one shoes is fantastic enough to give a try!

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