Best Zumba Shoes for Women and Men

Zumba: A dance form that was created during the 1990’s, but is actually emerging as a fun way to stay fit. Because it is an aerobic style of dancing, it can be done by people of different ages and fitness levels. By toning the muscles and shaping up your body, it helps you achieve your fitness goals in a de-stressing manner. The aerobic dance regimen quickly turns into a fun activity rather than a fitness program or exercise as it’s usually done in group with music full of energy. So, whenever you go for a Zumba session, you actually get a chance to socialize with people and bond with them. It has many other benefits like strengthening of bones and keeping immune system in perfect health. The best part is you can personalize it according to your comfort.

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Zumba Shoes

Any form of exercise needs a perfect set of accessories to make it comfortable and also maximize its benefits. As you are always on your feet in this fun dance form, you need to take special care of your feet so that the whole experience doesn’t become a bitter one for you. The right shoes make sure that the whole exercise turns beneficial for you and not leave you with sore feet or avoidable injuries.


What to look for when you are buying a good pair of athletic shoes?

  • How breathable they are:  A good pair of athletic shoes makes sure that your feet are able to breathe as they are covered all the time during the whole session. Some shoes make sure that your feet don’t get sweaty while you enjoy the whole session by giving vents.
  • The lighter the better: As you are on your feet all the time, the last thing you would want is to carry extra weight while doing those awesome moves. The lighter the better, so synthetic material is always the best option.
  • Enough space for toes: Your toes need enough space to accommodate them while you are enjoying those moves stretching and turning yourself.
  • The right balance: Tripping and slipping will be the last thing you will ever want with so many people around so make sure your shoes make you comfortable and always keep your balance as you unwind yourself. Big soles will always be the best option.
  • Cushion for your feet: Standing on your feet for so long can make your feet miserably sore and may force you to stay away from this fun so make sure your shoes are well cushioned so that you end up with sore feet and painful heels.
  • Ability to make twists and turns: Zumba is usually done on carpets or wooden floors, so make sure the shoes make you comfortable on both of them and not leave you with injuries. Rubber soles are not fit for carpets as they tend to make you slip.
  • Choose the right size:  Never pick or borrow shoes that are not your size or you may end up having pains and injuries in joints due to lack of grip in it.


alot of dancing and traning shoes

Shoes, Shoes and Shoes

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Zumba Shoes for Women


Merrell Women’s Barefoot Pace Glove Running Shoe

Some people have big and wide feet. That much is obvious. If you think that having big and wide feet is going to be a disadvantage for you, then you may want to try Merrell Women’s Barefoot Pace Glove Running shoe. It’s perfect for people who loves a good Zumba workout but need a good pair of comfortable and stable shoes. Having big and wide feet is indeed an issue because you’ll have size and padding issues. Merrell Women’s Barefoot Pace Glove Running Shoes has the perfect size needed for people with big and wide feet.  The lacing system for the shoes is also great! It makes sure that the shoes fit perfectly. The mesh inside the shoes prevent your feet from getting sweaty and stinky after the workout.

It’s incredibly important to have your own zumba sneakers while working out because you can’t really keep with the intensity of the workouts if you don’t have the right footwear for the job.

Also, this particular pair of shoes gives you the stability you’ll need whenever you need to make quick stops and turns during the whole Zumba session. Even I need a particular good pair of shoes while working out, so I recommend the Merrell Women’s Barefoot Pace Glove Running Shoes!

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Zumba Women’s Z-Kickz Dance Shoe

Another great pair of Zumba shoes that you need to get, if you love the whole Zumba workout, then Zumba Women’s Z-Kickz Dance shoe should be perfect for your needs. If you find your ankles hurting after a good Zumba workout, then it means that your current rubber shoes are not good enough to support your ankles during the intense aerobic dance workout. The Zumba Women’s Z-Kickz Dance Shoe supposedly offers good ankle support. The materials used for the pair of shoes were absolutely light, as some would say. I guess this is because a lot of people prefer using shoes that were incredibly light, since it would be a hindrance while working out.

The Zumba Women’s Z-Kickz Dance Shoe were also made with the latest technology, thus allowing more shock-absorbing cushion within the shoe itself. Imagine dancing, strutting and jumping and then when your feet hit the ground, you’ll feel the constant flood of pain when your shoes can’t absorb the shock because of poor padding. This particular pair of shoes supposedly apparently has the best shock-absorbing cushion.

You can be sure that they fit you perfectly as there are many sizes available. The lacing system gives you the full freedom of tightening up the shoes as you like to. Synthetic material makes them easy to wash and keep them as good as new the mesh keeps me at bay from the sweaty and smelly feet and at the same time the synthetic sole gives me full freedom to workout out on carpets. There is also ample room for your toes. Sliding and pivoting is so much easier with these shoes. And voila, you have so many colors that you end up confused which one to buy or you either end up buying more than one.

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Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Mid Shoe

The Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Mid Shoe is, obviously, a thing of beauty. But does it have all the necessary requirements of a good Zumba shoe? You don’t want to spend your money on an item that’s all show and none of the performance, right? That’s the argument I always hear whenever Zumba aficionados talk about the Reebok’s Women Dance UR Lead Mid Shoe.

One of the good things about the shoe is that it has velcro straps. These straps are designed to make sure that the shoes won’t loosen up while you’re dancing or working out intensely to the Zumba beat. That means sliding, pivoting, stretching and twisting won’t be a problem anymore. The shoe also has a nice built-up arch support that helps make your feet comfortable while wearing the shoes. I guess I just can’t stress enough the importance of choosing a pair of good yet comfortable Zumba shoes. People who have a habit of going barefoot during zumba will experience extremely exciting workouts with least feeling that you are wearing shoes because they have a perfect fit inside and also light weight. The shoes are designed to never restrict your toes inside nor do they make my feet sweaty and make my feet slip in and out of the shoes during jumps. Most people I know who own this particular pair tell me that they can move their feet in all directions, thanks to the thin sole and tread pattern giving me more agility.

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The Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Mid Shoe comes in different sizes and colours to choose from. That’s good for people who love


Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

A friend of mine actually had the chance to use the Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker. She wanted to get a good pair of Zumba shoes that can retain the level of comfort within her feet while working non-stop to the tune of the Zumba music. I’ve observed her a lot of times while she’s working out and wearing the Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneakers. They look really great on her and sliding seems to be not a problem anymore for her. In the past, one thing I hate about some shoes while working out in Zumba is that they tend to slide very easily. These may lead to accidental slides, which may cause accidents and injuries, if you’re not too careful. This is why it’s important to choose the right zumba sneakers for you.

The special mesh located inside the shoe helps with keeping your feet sweat-free, thus eliminating any unpleasant odour coming out from your foot after a long and tiring workout. The Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker has perfect size charts so whatever size your feet are it, they will always fit you. Carpets were always a problem for me and I always preferred doing zumba barefooted or in socks on carpets but now I have full freedom of wearing these shoes and carry on with the workouts without they being a hindrance. In fact I feel they are optimizing my efforts giving me a chance and total freedom trying out different moves. Sore heels are now a bleak memory after I started wearing these shoes. As my soles are flat they always used to burn with pain after every workout but now nothing keeps me away from zumba. They are so supportive and slick, comfortable on the bottom and I just love its cushioning. One of the best feature I liked in it is it has got a spin spot for turning making it perfect for zumba moves. I was spared from using my same old running shoes to these shoes. My toes are much happy because now they have got plenty of space inside. They are available in two colors i.e. Black and pink. I bet you won’t regret buying these shoes and they are quite easy on pocket.

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Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

The Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker is a rare gem, as some would say.  It’s one of the few good athletic shoes that helps prevent foot blisters after a tiring Zumba workout. Blisters usually appear when your feet gets all sweaty and bacteria manages to get into contact with your feet. This causes a reaction that appears as blisters on your foot. The Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneakers are built to to absorb shock like it was nothing. So, even if you stay for hours working out, you won’t feel a thing with your feet. The shoes are also designed to last and are very light when worn.

The split sole is just perfect for foot bending and is a boon for flat footed people like menthe lacing system gives me the freedom of adjusting the shoes as I like and the mesh provide keeps my feet so cool that I completely forget that I have something put on my feet. And the best part is I don’t have to part with them once I am done with zumba classes as they are so stylish that no one can figure out that they are actually workout shoes. They are quite economical too. Guys I highly recommend you to buy this and have fun you never experienced with Zumba!!

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Zumba shoes for men


Zumba Fitness Men’s Z Kick II Sneaker

For men who love working out with Zumba, then the Zumba Fitness Men’s Z Kick II Sneakers are probably the best shoes that you can ever invested in. The shoes have an enviable balance of style and comfort. Your toes will feel comfortable,since they get so much space inside the shoe  This doesn’t mean that this doesn’t fit you as it has a heavenly glove like feel inside no matter what is your shoes size. A very good arch support is being offered with this cool pair of shoes. I have always experienced problem or aching knees and sore heels after heavy workouts but it’s totally gone now, thanks to the perfect cushioning gifted to me by this. Pivoting, gliding and sliding have become so much easier and fun for me that you one can’t even imagine it. Traction was an issue with all the shoes I tried on myself but I am so happy with this sneaker. You may feel that they are a bit slippery a few days on wooden floors but after some time that problem goes away and you are raring to go with those enviable zumba moves. I am spared of the fear of slipping when I’m sliding to great extents as they give an awesome balance at the bottom while you are sliding.

You  don’t have have to fear about spraining or hurting your ankle while spinning and dancing during the whole workout. The lacing system gives me freedom to decide how tight or loose they must be to give me comfort. They come with a few colorful laces which I can team up with different dresses and feel good rather than going with just one look. They are so light that I hardly feel that I am wearing them on. It’s got a great midsole and is very good with absorbing shocks. Its smooth sole and great pivot points are a great benefit for me. Since it’s a combination of both synthetic material, I am not too worried about having sweaty or smelly feet as it keeps my feet very cool. They are just great on the wooden floors giving the right support for every joint and muscle. I just love its arch support. People who are really seeing forward to their Zumba classes can go for it as you will be very happy owning these great pair of shoes.


Sansha Dynamo Dance Sneaker

A great Zumba workout needs a great pair of shoes. The reason for this is because the feet are the most active part of your body all through the workout and I realized this lately while using my regular sport shoes for my Zumba classes. My old shoes have started taking its toll on my knees, ankle, muscles and other joints. Thus, Zumba became more of a nightmare for people who chose the wrong zumba sneakers.While searching online, I came through these pair of shoes and also heard a few words from one of my zumba classmate.He told me that he used the Sansha Dynamo Dance Sneakers and told me about his experiences with the shoes.

For some people, jumping can become a nightmare during zumba, since it usually leaves you with sore heels after the session. The Sansha Dynamo Dance Sneaker’s  awesome cushion make pivoting and sliding a piece of cake because it provides the much needed freedom of movement. Its thick rubber sole gives so much support for my heels and it’s so soft that I am just in love with them like anything. I am completely flexible during the whole workout which was earlier a problem for me because my feet were stiffened by all the others shoes I tried. The perfect arch support is just right for menthe suede and fabric combination is just perfect making them perfectly breathable and washable. They are very durable. I don’t have to make choice from the wooden of carpet floor as anything is ok with me now. They are available in different colors too giving you full freedom of being stylish and comfortable at the same time. These sneakers are perfect for everyone as they have all the sizes. My toes have a plenty of room inside now without the shoes being loose. I will highly recommend these for zumba!!


PUMA Faas 250 Running Shoe

Don’t go by its name and take it to be any other running shoes because these shoes are perfect for Zumba. Available in exciting colors, the PUMA Faas 250 Running Shoes are really a boon for people who are looking forward to get themselves into good shape with the zumba way. It has got a great cushion saving me from pricking pain after the workout which I experienced with all the other shoes I tried. The lacing system gives me whole freedom to fit them up the way I like. Sliding and pivoting have become so much easier for me nowadays that I am in complete control of myself without having to get worried about the pains after the workout. The arch system is perfect here. The rubber sole gives me so much comfort that I hardly feel pain in my knees after the session. My shins also are very happy. It has a perfect glove like fit inside giving ample space for my toes. The mesh on the side makes them very breathable and has solved my problem of the side of my foot getting bitten. It has given me total freedom when it comes to natural progression of the heel to toe and helps me go on with longer sessions also without any pain.

Its memory foam gives me a lot of comfort. It’s so stylish that my friends can’t get their eyes away from it. It is one of the best offers of Puma for zumba lovers. It is as light as feather and gives me the freedom to try out different moves without feeling that I have something put on my feet. It has made me so active that I don’t feel any lethargy during the whole session. Guys you can’t miss out on this as it has everything which it takes to be a great zumba enthusiast and you can also sneak out of the classes in the same shoes making a great style statement.

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Bloch Lightening Sneaker S0924

These pair of shoes was suggested by my instructor and I am very thankful to him for doing so. They stretched out so smoothly that I felt as if they were made only for me. I did not realize that it was the kind of shoes that I was wearing which was making my zumba sessions painful for me. I started experiencing very sharp pain in my knees and ankles after every session but its shock absorption technology has made my session so much easier and comfortable that I could never imagine I would enjoy zumba so much without making it painful for me.

Its wide sole is perfect for my wide feet. My feet don’t turn out to be smelly, sloppy and sweaty after every workout of zumba. It does not stick to the floor during jumping like my other shoes did; instead they give me a bounce making it very enjoyable. They give me the freedom for quick moves including sliding, pivoting and gliding which other regular shoes don’t give. I am able to wear them very think socks and even then making them to very comfortable and fit in my feet. I am no more left with blisters on the sides of my feet thanks to its material. Smooth spin spot gives me the freedom to try different moves everyday. The shoes are lightweight, meaning that I hardly feel that I have put them on. They have some very exciting colors giving you freedom of choice. It helps me make a style statement apart from giving me all the support during zumba sessions. This is the best shoes I have ever tried and am perfect for zumba. I highly recommend this for people who looking forward to exciting zumba session without any kind of injuries.

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Capezio Brite Lites Unisex Dance Sneaker

I have very wide feet and finding a perfect fit was always a challenge for me but Capezio Brite Lites Unisex Dance Sneaker solved that problem of mine. They fit my feet as if they were only made for me. Mesh and leather makes it stylish and breathable at the same time. It has some amazing shock absorption technology which gives me bounce while I’m jumping in the zumba sessions. The arch system is just perfect which give me utmost comfort. The side to side movement always used to be painful for me as every other shoe I tried made my feet stiff and not flexible like when I feel while wearing these pair of shoes. I have almost perfected the art of pivoting and sliding without slipping anytime.

The shoes can be personalized with different colored laces provided apart from the one which actually is on the shoes. This helps me team them up with almost any dress I like and also use them outside the zumba classes. Its sloped top line is perfect for articulation. My toes have plenty of space in front. My feet are least sweaty and smelly nowadays. The thick sole provide me with bounce during jumping. All my joint pains are gone with the use of these shoes in a couple of days making zumba a completely enjoyable experience for me. I would highly recommend these awesome shoes for zumba!!

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